Puppy Covered In Blue Paint Gets A Second Chance To Happiness!

Puppy Covered In Blue Paint Gets A Second Chance To Happiness!

When a volunteer with a Galapagos Islands vet clinic run by Darwin Animal Doctors stepped inside and dazedly announced that a blue dog was outside, staff weren’t sure what she meant.

Did the pup have blue eyes? Was it depressed or sad? Was it some little-known term for a certain breed? As it turned out, none of those were accurate. Instead, the puppy in question was painted blue.

The puppy’s name was Taylor, and she was a husky. The five-month-old had been brought in by her Mom, but not because of the paint – because the pup had been down and refusing to eat for a few days.

It wasn’t long before staff realized the paint was responsible for the puppy’s behavior. The puppy had gotten into some blue paint mix and, when her Mom found her, was entirely blue and vomiting paint. She’d been ill and throwing up some more over the next day, which prompted her Mom to bring her to a vet.

Staff, who nicknamed the pup Smurf, were concerned because naturally, eating paint isn’t a good idea for pretty much anyone. The pup was given medication and her Mom was instructed to gently shampoo and bathe her until the paint came off.

It was important that her Mom not rub and scrub, instead only cleaning the pup gently and repeatedly over many baths until the paint was gone.

Little Taylor returned for a check-up a couple of days after these instructions were given. Impressively, the pup was recovering very quickly, and she passed her physical exam just fine. She’s set to make a full recovery!

Images & Feature Image Source: Darwin Animal Doctors

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