Puppy Hiding In Drain After Being Abandoned Gets A Second Chance To Life

Puppy Hiding In Drain After Being Abandoned Gets A Second Chance To Life

Strays, especially puppies, have their life endangered every second of the day. They never know when they will eat, if they’ll be defeated by a disease, and they aren’t usually shown kindness.

A two-old stray puppy had almost given up trying, especially because the weather was unbearably hot. As she wandered around, looking for some shade, she found it inside a large pipe. The little puppy was in really rough shape, and the surroundings were rural, so there were no houses around. It seemed like she had no chance to get help.

Luckily, someone called a shelter, and after a while, rescuers from Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac showed up. It took them a while to find her, but finally, they stumbled upon the pipe. When they looked inside, they saw a small puppy, struggling with an eye infection and a tick infestation. She was also starving and in desperate need of water.

After they gave her water, they got her to a vet where she had all her wounds patched up, her eye infection and tick infestation treated. Despite all the pain she had been through in the first couple of months of her life, she was loving. She showed a lot of affection to her rescuers and the vet and bonded with the shelter staff quickly.

Soon after she healed, got her vaccines, and everything else handles, she was put up for adoption. She will soon find a home and parents that will love her and take care of all her needs.

Image Credit: YouTube

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