Puppy Living In Shoe Gets A New Life

Puppy Living In Shoe Gets A New Life

At first glance, Goran Marinkovic is an ordinary guy living in Kraljevo, Serbia. To the stray cats and dogs, he’s a godsend. Goran always brings food with him on his walks and feeds over 100 stray cats and dogs who would otherwise starve.

In March of last year, he came across a tiny puppy. Usually, the strays would not come home with him, but that day, he made an exception. He was passing a narrow pathway when he heard crying coming from the rocks. It was a little puppy. He could tell that she was cold, hungry, and thirsty. He had some salami so he gave her some right away.

He soon discovered that the little dog lived near a pile of trash. The puppy was using an old boot as shelter from the rain and sun. There were no other dogs around and it was clear that this puppy would not survive much longer in the wild without a mom.

He knew that he had to do something. It was clear that she was exhausted but she knew that he was her only chance. She lay down and showed him her belly as if she had surrendered herself to him. He immediately scooped her up and brought her to the vet. He was worried that he would not make it after being out in the wild for so long. He named her Coco. Coco eventually regained her strength, and soon, her personality began to emerge.

Coco seems to really love people. She’s a cheerful dog. He decided to post pictures and information about Coco on Facebook and before he knew it he had tons of messages from people wanting Coco to join their family. He went through each message carefully because he wanted the best for her.

Coco soon got all her vaccines and before long she was on her way to her new home in Germany. Today, Coco looks totally different from that sickly, abandoned puppy and is a picture of health. She has a great home and her family sends him pictures often.

Image Source: Goran Marinkovic

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