Puppy Meets Another Puppy - Adorable Playtime Ensues!

Puppy Meets Another Puppy - Adorable Playtime Ensues!

Doggy play dates are great for improving pups’ social skills and helping them make friends!

Charon the German shepherd puppy and his big brother Thorin, also a GSD, are out meeting new doggy friends during a playdate! Immediately, the little puppy is enthralled by one particular dog – a regal long-haired dachshund pup. To the pup, this long-bodied, floppy eared pup looks funny and is worth investigating. But the older pup isn’t taking very kindly to this!

The dachshund pup is not nearly as energetic, but he’s gentle sweetheart so he lets the puppy follow him around. The puppy is so excited by this and jumps around him in circles. But when he gets too rowdy, the older pup tries to escape – unfortunately, the puppy is quick and demands to play by following right on his tail!

To be fair, who wouldn’t want to play with such an awesome dachshund pup? Don’t forget to like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Thorin

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