Puppy Regains Confidence After Being Bullied

Puppy Regains Confidence After Being Bullied

Pumpkin the pit bull was frightened and trembling in the cold when rescuers first came across him. The dog's parent, a young boy, contacted rescuers with Sidewalk Specials in South Africa after becoming concerned about the puppy's health. According to Sidewalk Specials, the boy claimed that the puppy was getting bullied by the other puppies, making him not grow well.

Although the boy wanted the puppy to receive medical attention and stay with him, the rescuers believed the puppy wouldn't survive if he remained in his present state. Thankfully, the boy surrendered the pup so he could have a fair chance at life. Sidewalk Specials took Pumpkin and placed him with a loving foster mom, Bianca.

Pumpkin gained strength and started to emerge out of his shell with Bianca's help. Soon, he transformed from a fearful, unsteady puppy to a dog thriving in his new home, but it required a lot of love and encouragement!

"Pumpkin's superpower is definitely getting cats to play with him." Bianca told Sidewalk Specials.

Apparently, Pumpkin won over Bianca's cat, Maui. Bianca said she had never seen a dog that was so adept at entertaining and interacting with cats.


As he grew stronger and more confident, Pumpkin went on to find a wonderful family and a home with a canine companion he could call his brother.

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