Puppy's Ridiculous Way Of Sleeping Is Going Viral For A Good Reason!

Puppy's Ridiculous Way Of Sleeping Is Going Viral For A Good Reason!

Puppies! The curious cute faces that melt our hearts at first sight. Their tiny jellybean paws and squeaky bark has us convinced that we cannot live without them!

These tiny balls of energy constantly keep us on our toes, getting up to all kinds of antics and mischievous acts. One Shih Tzu pup, Paningning, has social media in hysterics. This little fluffy face sleeps in a rather unconventional way.

She basically turns herself off! Or so it seems, of course. Paningning goes to sleep in the most peculiar places and in the strangest positions. This Shih Tzu pup passes out on her back with all four paws either sticking up or at her side.

When her mom, Janess Cua placed photos of her doing this on Facebook, the response she got was overwhelming. Her audience found their hearts melting and found her to be the cutest!

Janess says that this has been Paningning’s sleeping position since she was born, and it is probably because she finds it most comfortable. Janess also says that when she sleeps, she is “turned off”, but when awake, Paningning is a ball of energy.

She is playful and always busy around the house, roughing around with her brothers and sisters. She is the youngest born in her litter and lives in the Philippines with her other four-legged family members.

Although dripping with naughtiness, we always seem to find ourselves loving and forgiving these tiny buglets for just about anything. Looking at Paningning, it is pretty obvious that she has the same effect on us all!

Images & Feature Image Source: The Real Paningning

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