Pups Paradise's Employee Tested Positive For COVID-19

Pups Paradise's Employee Tested Positive For COVID-19

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus has changed our lives dramatically. For weeks, we found ourselves bound to working from home and limiting all other activities.

However, with many places slowly easing lockdown regulations, businesses are starting to operate again. Some of these businesses include dog grooming services, doggy daycares, and canine boarding centers. But with the coming and going of people, the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus increases significantly.

A grooming business in Sylvania, Ohio, recently found themselves in a rather dire situation. Pups Paradise is a grooming and daycare center in Ohio, that welcomes all breeds of dogs. As doors recently opened, people were in business and employees were busy. Unfortunately, it came to light that one of the employees in the grooming section had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The company released the information and said that the employee worked with the dogs and had very minimal contact with people. In addition to this, Pups Paradise also stated that no other employees were experiencing symptoms of the virus and they are all being tested. New restrictions and protocols were put into place, telling dog parents that for the time being, they must drop their precious pooches off outside of the building, where they will be taken in my employees.

This will minimize contact and exposure for everybody. Although there may be a hesitance to bring dogs to the facility, the company will still remain open for boarding of dogs too.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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