Rachael Ray’s ‘Nutrish’ Dog Food Has Been Slapped With A $5 Million Lawsuit

Rachael Ray’s ‘Nutrish’ Dog Food Has Been Slapped With A $5 Million Lawsuit

Not too long ago, Rachael Ray released a line of dog food under the Nutrish brand. It is advertised as being all-natural, containing no artificial preservatives or flavorings, and being a healthy and nutritious option for pups.

However, now, Markeith Parks is filing a US$5 million class-action lawsuit against the celebrity chef’s brand after an independent laboratory discovered harmful chemicals within Nutrish’s Superior Premium Food for Dogs line during a testing. This lawsuit is against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, the manufacturers of the brand.

Lab results revealed that the food contains glyphosate, which is often found in weed-killers and herbicides. It is essentially a biocide and works as an endocrine disrupter and is typically only used in crops to increase yield, not improve quality. It is very potent and has been known to potentially cause negative effects on the health, although its exact detriments are still being discovered.

The lawsuit alleges that claims of an “all-natural” food, as the brand advertised “aggressively”, are completely false and misleading, and even referring to this advertisement as deceptive. It also contends that this deception has allowed the brand to sell more of its products to customers as well as increase the price tags on them, this removing market share from its competitors and boosting profit and sales.

The vice president of J. M. Smucker Co., the company that purchased Ainsworth Pet Nutrition a few months prior, spoke to Fox News on the subject. Bobby Modi stated that they are reviewing the claim but believe that they do not use any pesticides in their ingredients. The company aims to fight the claims aggressively.

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