This Is Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Dog's Ears

This Is Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Dog's Ears

Humans need to clean their ears regularly to avoid buildup of dirt and wax. So why don’t pup Mommies and Daddies do the same for their canine companions?

The truth is that a lack of proper ear cleaning can result in painful ear infections, so it’s vital that a pup’s ears are regularly cleaned.

But cleaning a pup’s ears is not as simple as just doing so whenever you feel like it. Too much dirt can result in an infection from buildup, so not cleaning often enough can be problematic. But at the same time, cleaning too often will get rid of the healthy wax inside a dog’s ears that protects and lubricates the ear canals.

Many vets would recommend cleaning your pup’s ears thoroughly about once a month, but this varies depending on breed, coat, activity level, and humidity. Essentially, you’ll have to regularly check in order to clean your pup’s ears when they’re actually dirty. Pups who swim or participate in rough physical activities often will need to have their ears cleaned more regularly!

After huge play sessions – like a dog park trip – and during baths, check your pup’s ears for buildup. Most times, you’ll just need to use a cleanser that has been approved by a vet and gently swipe the outer ear and ear flap with a cotton ball. However, you can easily tell if an inner ear clean is necessary by lifting the ear flap and peering inside. If you can see buildup, then clean inside the canal with the cleanser!

Be on the lookout for ear infections when you’re checking your pup’s ears. Swelling, bleeding, pus discharge, itchiness, redness, odor, and pain are all symptoms of an ear infection – if you notice them, take your pup to a vet immediately! Do like and share!

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