Rescue Dog Enjoys Spotlight While Modeling For Maternity Shoot

Rescue Dog Enjoys Spotlight While Modeling For Maternity Shoot

While at the park, Ryan Fant of Little Rock, Arkansas, happened upon a lovely collarless golden retriever and decided to play with her. As he started to leave, he noticed she followed him until his home.

Fant, then, decided to take her in temporarily, naming her Lily Mae. After a month’s search without leads, Fant eventually adopted Lily. Soon, Lily’s belly grew unstoppably so Fant brought her to the vet who told him of the pregnancy.

Fant, then, sought his friend, Caitie Evers, who’s been fostering pregnant dogs and puppies for years. When Evers first met Lily, she was nervous at how the pregnant dog seemed unfazed by her big belly, jumping, and moving actively still.

Lily is said to be a ‘stage 5 clinger’ and loves to cuddle in Evers’ lap every opportunity she gets. As Lily’s due date neared, Evers thought a photo shoot would be a good way to announce the puppies’ arrival. With the help of Shauna Kiely, her photographer pal, and dog rescuer, they prepped Lily up for the big shoot.

It turned out that Lily was a natural before the cameras, basking in the attention and loving every minute of the 30-minute shoot. Two days hence, Lily finally went into labor and gave birth to eight adorable pups – one girl and seven boys.

Once weaned, her babies will be set up for adoption and Lily will finally get to be with her dad again!

Images & Feature Image Source: Shauna Kiely Photography & Instagram / caitiesfosterfam

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