Rescue Dog Who Lost Her Litter Becomes Mother To Orphaned Litter

Rescue Dog Who Lost Her Litter Becomes Mother To Orphaned Litter

Pepper is a rescue dog who was well on her way to becoming a mom, sadly after giving birth to a litter of babies it was discovered that none of them made it.

Coincidentally, a dog named Poppy had tragically died after giving birth to her litter of puppies. Both situations were dire; on one hand, there was a dog who was ready to be a mother but lost all her babies, and on the other, there was a litter of newly born puppies who had just been orphaned. Their story of coming together proves that family doesn’t need to be blood to be filled with love and care.

On the night of Poppy’s delivery and passing shortly after her parent, Lexi Johnson, and a volunteer was running all ways to try to figure out what the next move was with the newly born puppies. Around 11:30 pm they were joined by another volunteer and Mr. Johnson and began bottle feeding. The Johnsons would be up every three hours for an hour and a half to feed the little ones. Fortunately, the news would get to the Johnsons that Pepper, a rescue dog from the Ruff Start Rescue, had just lost all her puppies.

Despite her loss, Pepper was still beaming with motherly love and so the Johnsons became her foster parents. The moment they brought her home to the puppies she gently laid beside them and they instinctively moved towards her and began feeding. The scene brought tears of joy to Mrs. Johnson’s eyes as she remarked how appreciative Poppy would be of Pepper looking after her young ones.

Images Source: Lexi Ruhland Johnson / Facebook

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