Rescuers Give Abandoned Mama Dog and Her Grumpy Puppies A Second Chance

Rescuers Give Abandoned Mama Dog and Her Grumpy Puppies A Second Chance

It is not uncommon to see people relocating without bringing their pets with them. Even though leaving pets behind is always heartbreaking, sometimes they may find a new home with a family who genuinely values them. A mother dog and her two puppies were left behind in St. Louis in this manner. However, Stray Rescue of St. Louis stepped in to save the day.

In a video the rescue shared on YouTube, they said a neighbour at the residence told them, "Yeah! They moved away and just left them! They've been running in the streets."

It's heartbreaking to watch such videos because we can imagine all the love these tiny puppies can give. Unfortunately, their family were too blinded by their own selfishness to perceive it, and they left them behind to survive on their own.

The mother was such a cutie. Stray Rescue described her as the sweetest mama dog they have met. However, her little puppies weren't really delighted to be around people. A puppy even bit Donna, one of the rescuers, as she attempted to pick him up.

Thankfully, they were able to change the course of events. The mother dog, which they named Pumpkin Patch, rode in the front and enjoyed herself. The two young puppies, named Eckerts and Stuckmeye, became eager to meet their foster parents.

The rescue is still looking for someone to foster Pumpkin Patch.

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