Rescuers Save 12 Malnourished Pit Bulls Chained Outside Abandoned Home

Rescuers Save 12 Malnourished Pit Bulls Chained Outside Abandoned Home

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton rescued a dozen neglected pit bulls last month. After receiving a report of dogs living in an abandoned home, the Ohio shelter quickly dispatched a team to investigate. When rescuers arrived at the location, they discovered twelve malnourished pit bulls living in appalling conditions and tied up outside with heavy chains.

"Each one of them was tied up with heavy, industrial-strength chain that weighed them down. With temperatures nearing 90 degrees, the dogs were extremely dehydrated and malnourished. No food or water was found anywhere and you could see the ribs on many of them," rescuers said.


The dogs were given water before being unchained and taken to the shelter for inspection. Shortly after getting to the shelter, one dog that was pregnant gave birth. Mama dog and her puppies are currently bonding at a loving foster home. While volunteers and staff showered the Mama dog and her puppies with affection, the other dogs enjoyed nourishing food. After several weeks of healing in the shelter, they are now ready to find permanent homes.

The shelter is holding a week-long adoption promotion dubbed "Pick a Pit from Our Pumpkin Patch" to find each dog the ideal home. Pit bulls at the shelter will have a $100 adoption fee until October 31.


Despite the special fee, the shelter says their adoption application process remains the same to ensure only the best people adopt the dogs.

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