Rescuers Save Dirty Dog Smelling Like A Sheep From Puppy Mill

Rescuers Save Dirty Dog Smelling Like A Sheep From Puppy Mill

Chloe is a puppy that was born in a barn in Ontario. The place had no heat or hydro, and her rescuers believe she was never let out of it. It was basically a puppy mill. At the time of her rescue, she was four and a half years old.

She is a Wheaten Terrier, a breed that has hair, not fur, which necessitates careful grooming. Her hair had never been cut while in the barn, and she was described by her rescuers as a dirty, smelly sheep. Her hair was all matted, pulling at her skin. She needed a cut and a bath as soon as possible.

While with her foster family, she befriended Logan, a big boy that became her foster brother. Her fosters said she had a curious face, that always peeked from under Logan. She was very sociable and wanted to play with anyone around her. She probably never experienced love, so she was starving for attention and cuddles.

After a little while with her foster family, she was officially adopted by a loving family. She had to learn everything about living in a civilised home. She had to learn to potty, walk on a leash, and how to behave at the dog park. She also had to adjust to having fresh water and food, and being given treats and cuddles.

She lived with her loving family for seven years, in which she got all the attention she needed. And she was the sweetest dog imaginable. She was eventually put down as she was suffering from an advanced form of cancer. She died at home, surrounded by everyone who loves her.

Image Credit: Deborah Soroka

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