Rescuers Save Two German Shepherds By Performing CPR!

Rescuers Save Two German Shepherds By Performing CPR!

On June 27, 2014, two German shepherds almost lost their lives when they got trapped inside a burning building in Plantacion Fiscal, San Antonio, Chile.

When fire fighters arrived, all human residents had escaped the blaze, but their pets, including two cats, and the German shepherds Apolo and Princesa remained trapped inside.

The heroic first responders were able to locate the dogs and pull them to safety, however, by the time they were reached, they were unconscious as they had inhaled large amounts of smoke.

That’s when these heroes really got to work. “One of the dogs was almost dead and that is why we did mouth-to-mouth,” stated one of the fire fighters. They didn’t hesitate, they administered CPR to the canines and in an incredible turn of events, were able to save them.

Sadly, the cats are not believed to have made it but we are very grateful for these heroes that not only rescued these shepherds from the blaze, but saved their lives with CPR!

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Feature Image Source: Soy San Antonio

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