Research Claims That Dogs Came To America 15,000 Years Ago!

Research Claims That Dogs Came To America 15,000 Years Ago!

Recent studies show that the love between humans and their dogs have stemmed for over 23,000 years. Genetic data has proven that dogs did in fact accompany humans during their migration to the Americas from East Asia.

As far as studies show, dogs were most likely domesticated in Siberia and stemmed from the taming of wolves. Of course, there is still no definitive answer as to where or why dogs became the best of pets, but there is one idea that scientists have come up with. With freezing temperatures, the conditions were likely to have brought wolves and humans together for survival.

There was no evidence pointing to the consumption of wolf meat from these early travelers, or even the other way around, creating a healthy situation from the start. From there, wolves must have learned that humans left food at their sides once they were done eating, and took this opportunity for a free meal. This study is a prime example of how canine and human DNA can be used to study more about our pasts, and the pasts of our favorite furry friends.

Some scientists are not surprised that humans brought their dogs with them while migrating because of how fully intertwined they are in today’s society. Just as things happen today, when families move houses, cities, or countries, all members are brought with them. Sure, there will be many more studies done to discover how dogs became man’s best friend, but as for now, we can just assume that this bond was formed countless years ago!

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