Riverside Veterinary Hospital Makes Dog Flu Shots Available For Pet Owners

Riverside Veterinary Hospital Makes Dog Flu Shots Available For Pet Owners

North Carolina has confirmed three cases of dog flu and more are suspected as pet owners get worried. Riverside Veterinary Hospital is providing dog flu shots for pets.

Officials are recommending pet owners to take preventive measures to protect their dogs from getting the dog flu and these precautions include a vaccine. Dr. Bob Cameron at Riverside Veterinary Hospital was quoted saying, “There were two confirmed cases in Asheville and one in Winston-Salem along with suspected cases in Greensboro and the Triangle, so it is moving this way. We have not had any actual cases here, but we’ve been vaccinating for the dog flu at Riverside for about a year and a half because we were afraid it could become a problem here.

Many pet owners have given their dogs the two part vaccine – a $20 initial vaccine and a $12 booster three weeks later. According to Dr. Cameron, the vaccine does help dogs who get infected. He added saying, “Two dogs who are highly suspicious of having the dog flu, but not confirmed, and have been vaccinated are not near as bad off as those who had not been vaccinated. We believe that even if this isn’t for the same strain that there is some cross protection.

He also stated that, “It takes direct contact most of the time, but most of the disinfectants will kill it. We are disinfecting often because if an infected dog has been sneezing or coughing and another dog comes in contact with that aerosolized respiratory secretions then they can get sick. It doesn’t have to be nose-to-nose transmission.

When it comes to disinfectant Dr. Cameron said, “We have always disinfected, but we are being extra careful about it. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. We are changing lab coats if we have a dog that is at all suspicious and we’re misting our clothing with disinfectants.

In addition to taking reasonable precautions, officials said immediate veterinary care is essential. Finally he added, “If your dog has a runny nose and are not acting normally, do not take them anywhere — grooming, daycare or the dog park especially,” Cameron said. “Only take them to the vet and let us know right off the bat, so we can isolate them.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has a guide for owners at https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/Pages/CanineInfluenza.aspx for more information.

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