Rudy The Cute Dachshund Looks So Adorable In Red! #CutenessPersonified!

Rudy The Cute Dachshund Looks So Adorable In Red! #CutenessPersonified!

Rudy the dachshund is ready for winter and today it’s time for him to take a walk on the snow! Take a look!

Introducing Rudy the dachshund and he is ready for his winter morning walk with his person! Look at him dressed in a red coat and adorable handsome red shoes! He looks super cute, don’t you think?

According to the original uploader on Vimeo, “This is Rudy. We had to buy him shoes after the year prior he ate the salt stuck to the bottom of his paws, which caused him to be ill.” Yes good thought, now Rudy looks irresistibly awesome! Plus, the salt and chemicals they use on sidewalks to melt snow can be very toxic to dogs if they ingest it. These cute little boots not only look good, but they help keep Rudy safe too!

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