Science Says Dogs Can Detect Toxic Chemical Exposure In Homes

Our dedicated dogs do amazing things for us. They can sniff out bombs, sense illegal drugs in airports, and even detect pests in households. They make us aware of intruders or strangers close to our households and can always be found by our sides.

There are, however, some amazing things our dogs can do that we have never imagined to be possible.

Recent scientific researches have proven that we are more similar to our canine companions then we might realize. Studies have shown that when exposed to industrial chemicals, the chemical load indicators found in the body of dogs and humans are pretty much the same. If we think about it, it really does make sense.

Our dogs breathe the same air as we do and drink the same water as we do. Because prolonged exposure to chemicals causes effects sometimes only seen years or even decades later, this research is very important. The results mean that our very own precious pooches can be early chemical presence indicators, and possibly save our lives. By wearing silicone collars that indicate the presence of chemicals, our dogs will be able to show us the type of severity of the chemical present.

The research continues, but for the moment is on hold because of the novel coronavirus. The research dogs, however, are having the time of their lives while they wait to get back to work. Making the most of their time off, they continue playing and getting up to mischief to see who can get the most attention. This research also shows us that our dogs are truly a valuable part of our lives indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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