Search And Rescue Terrier Locates Woman Missing For 48 Hours

Search And Rescue Terrier Locates Woman Missing For 48 Hours

In less than two hours of search, KYK9’s terrier, named, Pocket, successfully locates Geneva Logston, who’s been reported missing for 48 hours at the Bullitt County Woods.

Logston’s family and law enforcers previously conducted searches on the said area the day Logston went missing. Unfortunately, they were unable to find her. It was on Wednesday when Logston ventured deeper into the woods, leaving her cellphone, and bringing only a water bottle. Unable to find her way back, Logston panicked and fell unconscious, waking only to find herself immobile, unable to contact anyone, and without resource to sustain her.

“I was giving up…I had hit my head, and disoriented, all I wanted to do was sleep,” Logston recounted after having spent two days alone in the woods.

That Friday, Pocket tracked Logston’s scent, leading her handler, Jennifer Hall, to a perilous ascent. Hall remembers asking Logston if she was Geneva, to which the latter affirms. Hall also said that Pocket had vigorously pulled her toward Logston’s location, and when she found her, she had asked her team to relay the news to Logston’s family.

“I think some of the family didn’t hear she’s alive…They heard they found her, and they were like, ‘Is she alive?’…It was very emotional. She saved Geneva’s life,” Hall said.

Logston was rushed immediately to the University Hospital, where she was examined and treated for injuries.

“Thank you, Pocket. Thank you,” Logston said while rubbing Pocket’s fur.

What a hero!

Feature Image Source: WLKY

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