See How This Pup Plays It Cool After Making A Mess! Look At His Paw!

See How This Pup Plays It Cool After Making A Mess! Look At His Paw!

Pup parents are no stranger to the exasperation of coming home to find that a complete mess has been made by their dog in their absence. Usually, the pups act guilty and try to pretend nothing’s happened or act too innocent. But then, there are some pups who just don’t sweat it!

Theo is a hilariously chill corgi who thinks that there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Setbacks are just setbacks, and life goes on! While we’d love to take after his easygoing nature, we think his Mommy, Audrey Rosenstein, might appreciate a little more seriousness sometimes. Then again, maybe not!

When Audrey came back home one day, she found that the pup had gone through some of the cabinets and left a complete mess on the ground. What he was searching for, we’ll never know, but there was destruction in his wake!

Instead of looking sorry or guilty, the pup had a completely different reaction. He propped himself up on the sofa and put his arm over the corner, watching his Mom clean up the mess he made. Hilarious! It seems like he truly doesn’t think this is such a big deal!

Audrey shared a picture of the pup and the story on Twitter, and it went viral, being retweeted and liked more than a million times combined! When she told the pup about his newfound Internet fame, he responded how he always did: cool as a cucumber.

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter/audreyrosenstei

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