Senior Dog Finds A New Home And Couldn't Stop Smiling The Entire Drive!

Senior Dog Finds A New Home And Couldn't Stop Smiling The Entire Drive!

For many that didn’t have pets, the pandemic has been an incredibly lonely time. Kathryn LaRoche dealt with this first hand after losing her cat of twenty years a few months in.

From there, she decided to open her home to an adorable 16-year-old dog who had been left on the streets. Kathryn instantly fell in love with him but knew that his age might make it difficult. Luckily, she figured that he wouldn’t get another chance and decided to adopt him.

Before taking him home, she spent a few weeks meeting him, playing with him, and taking him for walks around the shelter. She made sure her home was perfect and ready for him to join, whenever the time was right. Finally, the day came and Kathryn got to take him home with her. Some shelter volunteers said that it was love at first sight for the two and that they knew they would make a great pair.

Kathyrn loaded him up in the car, and upon looking back several times during the drive, Sonny, which was the name she chose for him, couldn’t stop smiling. Sonny was in the backseat with the biggest smile on his face, and Kathryn knew she made the right choice.

Kathryn says that Sonny has turned out to be her dream dog, and has given her so much love in the short time she’s had him. Even though Sonny is older than most, he is still young at heart, making him the perfect dog for Kathryn!

Images Source: Kathryn LaRoche

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