Senior Dog Heartbroken After Being Surrendered To A Shelter

Senior Dog Heartbroken After Being Surrendered To A Shelter

Dogs are loyal to humans and never abandon them, even when they get old. On the other hand, some humans wouldn't think twice before abandoning their senior dogs. Thankfully, some rescue organizations are working round the clock to give unwanted senior dogs the love and care they deserve.  

Mac's Mission is a special needs dog rescue founded by Rochelle Steffen and based in Jackson, Missouri. The rescue focuses on helping dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. Some dogs in their care include puppies with cleft palates and senior dogs.

Lindt, a 14-year-old dog at Mac's Mission, was surrendered by her parents. They were moving to another apartment and didn't want to keep her. The dog was beyond heartbroken to be abandoned by the only family she had ever known.

"Lindt is so shut down. She is 14 and has just been ripped away from everything she's EVER known. You should really get a plan in place for your dog," Rochelle captioned a video of Lindt she posted on TikTok.

When Lindt arrived at the rescue, her nails were overgrown, and she had fleas over her body. She also had a large tumor hanging off her stomach. The rescue went to work immediately, bathing her, trimming her nails, and getting her surgery to remove the tumor.

Lindt deserves to live her golden years in a loving home, and the rescue is doing their best to find her one.

Credit: TikTok

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