Senior Puppy Saved From Puppy Mill Can't Believe He Finally Received His Own Bed

Senior Puppy Saved From Puppy Mill Can't Believe He Finally Received His Own Bed

When Freddie the chihuahua was rescued from a puppy mill in the Midwest, along with 34 other dogs, he was nine years old, had fathered countless puppies he’d never met, had lost all his teeth due to poor dental care, and had never seen anything other than his small little wire cage for his entire life.

Too old to be of use to the breeders, they’d wanted to get rid of him, and the National Mill Dog Rescue, or NMDR, stepped in to save him. He was extremely shy, as most rescued puppy mill dogs are, but he soon opened up and proved himself to be a sweetheart, kissing and cuddling with rescuers and staff!

Then, the organization’s founder, Theresa Strader, presented the pup with his first ever bed. Freddie had never seen a bed before and hid his tail between his legs at first, but that tail began to wag faster and faster. Strader helped by placing him onto the bed, and the pup immediately began to snuggle into it. Clearly excited, he jumped all around it happily, even trying to chew at it with his toothless mouth!

It’s sad to think that so many pups in bad puppy mill situations have been denied the most basic needs for most of their life.

According to Strader, most pups who have lived in such terrible conditions and confined to a cage for their whole life need extensive rehabilitation before they can be placed in homes. Some don’t even trust their new beds for weeks. But Freddie is so strong and resilient that he’s already awaiting adoption!

And it doesn’t look like it’ll be long before Freddie finds a home, either. The video of Freddie enjoying his new bed has gone viral and caused applications to pour right in! But until he can move into a forever home, he’ll happily nestle in his brand new bed and enjoy the improvements in his life.

Images & Feature Image Source: National Mill Dog Rescue

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