Senior Rescue Dog Plays Ring Bearer At His Parents Wedding!

Senior Rescue Dog Plays Ring Bearer At His Parents Wedding!

Little Rocky is a senior dog with loads of character which caught the attention of his dad, who found him at a shelter and gave him a second chance at life. Following the adoption, Rocky has experienced life to the fullest while bringing joy to his dad’s life with his antics.

Recently, much change was happening in Rocky’s life; the kind woman who often paid him visits was now becoming his mom, and he was excited for the future, more so the wedding.

Sophia Coleman remembers the first time she showed up for her first date with her now-husband, Josh; right before her eyes was a small senior pup with the cutest blep.

She recalls that it was love at first sight and Rocky was present throughout every chapter of their relationship. When the time came around to plan their wedding, Josh and Sophia knew that Rocky had to play a major role and they decided not on one, but two roles for him to play during the ceremony, namely; best pup and ring bearer.

With such big shoes to fill, one would think that it would probably be too much for Rocky, but in reality benign the people’s person he is, he was destined for the assignment.

It was planned that Rocky would walk down the aisle as the ring bearer and it panned out well with the help of treats during the rehearsals, but his role in front of the wedding guests turned out amusingly different.

As mentioned before, Rocky’s personality is larger than life, so it’s no shock that he jazzed things up on the wedding day. During the actual ceremony, Rocky got distracted by the wedding guests and approached each one, looking for a treat.

Once he made it down the aisle, he watched in awe as his parents tied the knot.

Thereafter, he proceeded with his newly wedded parents down the aisle, followed by the joyful laughter of the wedding guests.

Image Credit: Shanna Lorraine Photography

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