Senior Shelter Pups Are Not Broken - They Offer Their Own Advantages

Senior Shelter Pups Are Not Broken - They Offer Their Own Advantages

Did you know that November was an “Adopt a senior pet month?” Senior dogs, black cats, and pitbulls are some of the most overlooked animals in shelters. But there are some benefits to having your very own senior dog! Read on to find out what they are!

First, an older dog is already at their max weight, so you know exactly how big they are (no surprises!). They already have developed their personality too so you will be able to gauge how well they will fit in with all the other family members. Senior dogs tend to be independent, they will not put as many demands on your time as a puppy would and don’t need constant training!

Chewing happens when you have young pets. Older dogs have moved beyond that phase and are no longer interested in chewing every shoe (or sock) they come across! An older dog probably already has a good idea of what it should and shouldn’t do! That means, they won’t need you to walk around and monitor their every move – like you do with puppies and kittens!

Despite the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – you can! Younger dogs have almost no impulse control and the attention span of a flea! An older dog knows how to control themselves and has the ability to focus while you are teaching them things. Oh, did we mention that house training isn’t an issue either?! You just have to figure out their potty schedule, and you are all set! Save a life, adopt a senior dog!

Feature Image Source:Pixabay

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