Severely Matted Pup Finds The Perfect Person To Help Her Heal

Severely Matted Pup Finds The Perfect Person To Help Her Heal

When Donna Killough went to her local gas station in San Antonio, Texas, she didn’t expect to come home with a lovable poodle mix!

The dog in question had fur so horribly matted that she just looked like a ball with eyes. Knowing she must be hungry, Killough left some potato chips on the ground for the pup, who was too scared to approach her. The pup gobbled up the food, and Killough knew she couldn’t leave without her.

With the help of a trap from another man in the gas station and some food, the pup entered a cage and Killough was able to bring her home. She placed the pup in a crate in the garage. Killough’s husband went to see the pup and was greeted by a lick on the hand. When they opened the crate, she jumped right onto Killough’s lap – and that sealed the deal, she had to keep her.

The pup was named Daisy and brought to a groomer at a local rescue to shave off the matted fur. It took a long time, but the pup was soon free – and the moment the fur was off, she transformed into a completely different, playful, and happy dog!

A trip to the vet revealed that Daisy was about 18 months old and had likely been living on the street for most of her life. She had skin irritation and some fleas, but other than that, she was in great health. She wasn’t microchipped, and advertisements for her didn’t turn up any owners – and so she became an official part of Killough’s home.

Two years later, the pup has completely transformed! She spends a lot of time with four fellow house cat siblings, loves to snuggle, and couldn’t be happier to be part of a loving family.

Images & Feature Image Source: Donna Killough

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