Shelter Builds Special Rooms To Help Pups Get A Taste Of Home

Shelter Builds Special Rooms To Help Pups Get A Taste Of Home

For pups living in shelters, peace and quiet is hard to come by. Most pups don’t get the chance to have a safe space of their own, and the loud, bustling atmosphere of a shelter can be stressful and exhausting for a pup.

That’s why the Toledo Area Humane Society in Ohio has set up a “Real Life Room” that resembles a room a fur ball might find in their future forever home. It’s equipped with a recliner, a rug, a television, some soft pillows, and a lamp that allows for soothing lighting. That sounds amazing!

Pups who stay in the shelter get to take turns spending time alone in the room, and it’s been a great help to fur balls who’ve had some trouble adapting to life in a kennel. The serene silence and abundance of space really lets a pup relax, and it gives shelter volunteers the chance to see the pup’s real personality and his reaction to being in a home.

The best part about all of this is that according to one of the staffers at the shelter, many fur balls have been adopted shortly after spending time in the Real Life Room. All that relaxation must really take a lot of pressure off of a pup and calm down their temperaments!

If you’re looking for a pup, do consider choosing adoption. Shelter pups live in stressful conditions and it would change their lives to be given the chance to live in a real forever home full of many, many Real Life Rooms. Do like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Toledo Area Humane Society

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