Shelter Dog All Smiles After Finally Getting Adopted

Shelter Dog All Smiles After Finally Getting Adopted

Life isn't always rosy for shelter dogs, particularly those stuck at the shelter for a long while. Sometimes, some dogs get so overlooked during adoption for one reason or another that they begin to wonder whether they will ever find a home.


That might have been how Petey felt after spending too much time at a North Carolina county shelter. It seemed as though he was being overlooked. 

Although it is tough to find a home for a dog at a high-intake shelter, the SPCA of Wake County did everything in its power to find Petey a home. They genuinely wanted him to get a forever family because he had been at the shelter for far too long.

The SPCA uploaded a picture on Facebook, hoping that someone would see it and fall in love with his face. Thankfully, that's what happened. In a matter of weeks, a family showed up to take Petey home.


Petey seemed to settle into his forever home almost immediately. In a photo posted by the SPCA, he was cuddled up on a blanket and had the largest smile on his face. "That is the smile of a dog who knows he's home," the shelter captioned the post.

According to his new family, Petey enjoys playing fetch. He also has a new brother and is friendly with other dogs in their neighbourhood.

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