Should Dogs Be Allowed To Lick Their Wounds? Find Out Here.

Should Dogs Be Allowed To Lick Their Wounds? Find Out Here.

When your dog or cat has had an operation, the vet will often put them in a cone (or sometimes called a cone of shame) to stop them from licking the wound.

A dog who licks their wound can end up doing more harm than they know. Licking wounds can not only cause an infection, but it can also remove the stitches that are meant to help the incision stay closed. Some people believe that dogs should be allowed to lick their wounds. They think that the saliva of a dog has some antiseptic properties.

But these people are not medical professionals – are they? As it turns out, the saliva of a dog may inhibit the growth of some kinds of bacteria. A study done in 1990 shows that dog saliva can only slight inhibit the growth of some bacteria. E. Coli was one bacterium that was slightly inhibited by dog saliva. But a more recent Dutch study showed that it is not advisable to let a dog lick their own wounds.

In short, do not let your dog lick your wounds or their own. The mechanical trauma caused by licking alone is not helpful to the process of healing. Your veterinarian can advise you on how to best treat your dog’s wounds and give you some topical antibiotics, if necessary. Sure, a dog out in the wild may lick his own wound – but your dog is not in the wild. Give your dog the best chance of healing by talking to a vet.

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