Should I Be Worried If My Dog Eats Cardboard?

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Eats Cardboard?

As a dog parent, you would often worry whether what your dog has eaten is harmful or not. Dogs have a habit of eating whatever they can reach with their mouth.

Too many times, it is things that they have no business eating that they end up eating! Today, we would take a look at dogs eating cardboards. The cardboard’s soft texture makes it an attractive object for a curious dog to chew and eat. Thankfully, cardboards are usually not toxic, so it is unlikely that your dog would fall sick after eating one, especially if they only ate a little. Although dogs can’t digest cardboard, they will likely pass it in their stool.

However, in some cases, the cardboard may obstruct their stomach or gut if it isn’t properly broken down. Some symptoms of intestinal blockage that your dog may experience after eating cardboard include vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, and pain in the abdomen. A major cause for concern when a dog eats cardboard is the product it was used to package. Cardboards of products poisonous to dogs might cause problems, especially if the contents spill on the box.

If your dog starts showing symptoms that suggest they may be unwell after eating cardboard, you should immediately take them to your vet for medical attention.

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