Should You Be Concerned If Your Dog Is Drinking Too Much Water?

Should You Be Concerned If Your Dog Is Drinking Too Much Water?

We all need to stay hydrated, including our dogs. Interestingly, our dogs' water intake can reveal much about their health.

Excessive thirst in dogs may be caused by various reasons, from something as simple as a recent exercise to a more complicated underlying medical condition.

According to Dr. Annette Louviere of the Wisdom Panel pet DNA testing program, dogs can vary their water intake daily. However, any fluctuation that persists or any abrupt, drastic changes in their behaviours could indicate an underlying health concern.

Dr. Louviere says different factors can cause increased urination in dogs. In many situations, the cause may be urinary tract infections (UTIs) or stones. It's also possible to have more severe kidney problems or endocrine diseases like Cushing's disease.

Excessive water intake in dogs is not always a symptom of more serious health issues. Generally, it is best to keep the big picture in mind while accounting for any additional noteworthy changes, such as changes in appetite or energy levels, your dog's age and lifestyle.

While it's crucial to stay hydrated, dogs who enjoy playing in the water for extended periods can become susceptible to a condition known as water intoxication. Even though it's uncommon, severe cases can be fatal.

If you observe any significant changes in your dog's water intake, take them to the vet to rule out any potential medical problem.

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