Should You Shave Your Dog for the Summer?

Should You Shave Your Dog for the Summer?

As spring slowly rolls by, it is almost the time of the year when we start to get rid of clothes and excess hair. So if summer temperatures have this effect on us, shouldn’t the same apply to our dogs too?

Even though most vets and groomers recommend not shaving dogs there are a few exceptions. However, they advise you like this for one reason – dog hair is not like human hair.

Shaving your dog

It generally depends on the fur coat your pup has. While you may not necessarily want to shave a german shepherd, the same wouldn’t apply to a golden retriever or a Chow Chow. Moreover, if you shave a short-haired dog, you run the risk of it getting a sunburn, which will cause a lot of discomfort. This is why you should always leave an inch or so of fur, for sun protection.

Another reason to shave your dog is if it stays outside a lot and is likely to keep getting wet often. This is due to the dog being prone to contracting myiasis.

Tips on shaving your dog

If you do plan on giving your pup a haircut, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Hire a professional – While some of us may have experience with grooming, there is always the potential for accidents. This is why hiring a professional can be safer and, in some cases – cheaper.
  • Keep blades cool – Within a couple of minutes of active use, your clippers will get hot to where they may burn your dog. This is why you should take breaks often so that they can cool off.
  • Leave an inch or so of hair – As we mentioned before, it is important so that your pup doesn’t get a sunburn.
  • Don’t shave close to the skin – Not only do you run the risk of a sunburn, but there can be some additional skin issues, which can be caused by irregular fur growth.

How to keep my pup cool during the summer

If you are changing your mind about shaving your doggo, here are some tips on keeping them cool, even on hot summer days:

  • Don’t leave them in the car – It can get very hot within a very short amount of time and that can turn out to be deadly.
  • Cool water – Make sure your pup always has access to plenty of cool water. You can even put some ice cubes in the water bowl – a lot of dogs actually enjoy it.
  • Keep them away from the sun – The best way for dogs to cool themselves off is by panting when the surrounding temperature is a little lower. On hot days, it is best you bring your pups inside.
  • Brush your dog regularly – Not only can you see whether insects have latched onto your pup’s skin, but you can also remove dead hair and matter which will improve the circulation of air. This will help your dog stay cool.

In the case that your pup does overheat, you have to go to the vet immediately – overheating can be life-threatening. Signs of overheating are drooling, panting more than usual, weakness, and vomiting.

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