Silly Labrador Enjoys A Soak In A Tiny Tub!

Silly Labrador Enjoys A Soak In A Tiny Tub!

This awesome Labrador named Bodhi is determined to squeeze herself into a water tub that’s only just big enough! Her parents lovingly coax her all the way. Like all Labs, she just loves to please and cooperates beautifully, but she is clearly eager to get in even without the coaxing.

After doing a few typical Lab turns she settles into the water and enjoys a good soak under the sun. This Lab video on page 2 is funny and awesome all at the same time! The original uploader of the video says, “Proves that it doesn’t matter the size of the pool, just as long as there is some water to bask in, you will have one happy Lab.” So true! What other dog would squeeze themselves into the tiniest tub just to be able to lay in the water like this? Bodhi is definitely dedicated to the cause!

Most Labs love water and anything water-related! They’re such amazing dogs! This one reminds us to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Nothing beats a happy Labrador!

See the adorable video of Bodhi squeezing in on page 2!

Page 2 Here

Watch the video below to see the Lab enjoying a soak in a tiny tub!

Feature Image Source: It’s a Lab Thing

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