Small Dog Gets Rescued 3 Days After Getting Stuck In Drainpipe

A parent’s worst nightmare is for a child to go missing, be it a human child or a dog. The agonizing uncertainty over what may or may not have happened is often so terrible that any outcome, good or bad offers a form of relief.

We can therefore only imagine the distress that the pet parent of Sophie, a small, fluffy dog from Santa Barbara, California, felt when Sophie went missing. The story emerged when firefighters were called to the UC Santa Barbara campus to rescue a small dog that was reportedly stuck in a drainpipe. Apparently, this precious pooch had been there for three days.

After about twenty minutes, and the use of a hosepipe, Sophie’s rescuers managed to release her from her restricting prison. Looking a bit worse for wear, Sophie was reunited with her pet parent who confirmed that Sophie had actually been missing for a month. What a joyous occasion that reunion must have been! One can only imagine what must have gone through the mind of little Sophie to make her seek refuge in a drainpipe.

Perhaps she was lost and confused and seeking shelter, found no other option. Small dogs such as Sophie that weigh about twelve pounds, can quickly become dehydrated if they are unable to find food and water. This will also lead to confusion and extreme weakness. Fortunately, our Sophie was rescued in the nick of time and will hopefully live a long and happy life in the arms of her loving family!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Santa Barbara County Fire Department

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