Sneaky Pup Gets A 'Pugshot' After She Escaped From Her Home! This Is Hilarious!

Sneaky Pup Gets A 'Pugshot' After She Escaped From Her Home! This Is Hilarious!

When the Cape May Police Department received a call about delinquent behavior happening in the streets of a peaceful, innocent neighborhood, they probably weren’t expecting the ambling culprit to be so adorable!

As it turned out, the criminal mastermind was none other than a little pug dog who had managed to get away from her family. She’d been walking aimlessly around the New Jersey neighborhood and seemed quite relieved when an officer with the Cape May PD came down to pick her up and bring her in.

The pup knew she was in for it. She’d been too naughty, and now the police had her in their custody and were going to lock her up! Meanwhile, the police had to figure out a way to reunite the little lost pug with her parents, so they decided to line her up and take a mugshot of her… or should we say, a pugshot?

The image was uploaded onto the Cape May PD Facebook page alongside a photo of the pup locked in a jail cell, where it quickly gained a lot of attention! People found the photo absolutely hilarious and shared it around. This was exactly what the police were hoping to happen! After it was shared and liked enough times, the news that the little pup was stuck at the station reached her family.

According to the Cape May Police chief, Anthony Marino, it’s far from the first time they’ve used social media for the job. It helps them reach loads of people and can be very useful in investigating leads. And of course, just this once, it was useful in helping the pug – whose name was revealed to be Bean – find her way home.

Feature Image Source: Cape May Police Department

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