The Snuggle Buddy Saved My Move!

The Snuggle Buddy Saved My Move!

dog-1224915_1920My dogs hate to move. Don’t get me wrong – they settle into loving the new backyard, windows to look through, and fresh carpet to sunbathe on, but actually getting comfortable and secure in their new environment is always tough at first.

That’s why when we started planning for our big cross-country move, I knew I had to do everything I could to make it easier on them. I packed a backpack with their favorite treats, toys, and all kinds of goodies to help keep things as normal as possible, but the one thing that I feel really made a huge difference in helping them adapt was the Snuggle Buddy.

Snuggle-Blankets-500The people at Poochie Pets sent me a couple Snuggle Buddies to try a while back and I am so glad they did! It’s basically a cute super-soft yet durable blanket especially made to help comfort dogs in stressful situations. The idea is you sleep with it for a few nights to get your scent all over it, and then when you need to leave your dog alone (go to work, trip to the vet, etc), you give it to them and it helps comfort them since they can still smell you.

My dogs sleep with me so they are used to being in a bed that smells like me and sitting on the couch that probably also smells like me, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we set out to make our 27 hour drive to our new home. With stays in dog-friendly hotels and a family member’s house, it was definitely a change of pace for all of us but just an hour or two into the trip, I noticed each dog cuddling with their designated Snuggle Buddy. At first I wasn’t sure if it was coincidence, but then I noticed wherever the Snuggle Buddy was, you could be sure there was a dog’s head resting on it. Driving in the car, spending the night at the hotel, laying next to me in a new environment while I answered some emails, through it all, I quickly noticed they kept their Snuggle Buddies close to them and always made a point to lay their heads on them.

dog-2167529_1920Last week we finally moved in to our new home after our long voyage. In the past, whenever I needed to run an errand and leave them in a new environment, they were very vocal about how upset they were about it. I always felt terrible. This typically went on for a good week or two until they got settled in. But something very different happened this time. I left them with their Snuggle Buddies and came home to…silence. The same thing happened the second day I had to leave them – they were totally quiet. And the third day – not a peep.

I give full credit to the Snuggle Buddy. It made transitioning into a new environment so much easier on them! When I was driving, working, or just couldn’t physically be near them, they really embraced their Snuggle Buddies for extra comfort. I am so impressed and will never attempt a move again without one.

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EDIT: I’ve been getting lots of questions about where you can get a Snuggle Buddy. You can get one here and each purchase also provides 5 days of food for shelter dogs so it’s a win for your fur kid and a win for shelter dogs!

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