Someone Abandoned This Poor Puppy In The Middle Of Nowhere With A Chair And TV

Someone Abandoned This Poor Puppy In The Middle Of Nowhere With A Chair And TV

Sharon Norton, an animal control officer, was shocked when she spotted a tiny puppy resting on a discarded chair among a pile of illegally dumped furniture. The pup, found in Lincoln County, Mississippi, was barely surviving and was starving.

Yet, despite his condition, the puppy didn’t want to move. Norton estimated that he’d been there for around a week, desperately hoping that whoever dumped him would return. He was in terrible condition – skin, and bones, frightened, and confused.

Norton gave the puppy a peace offering – some little bits of food for what may have been his first meal in days. This put the puppy in good spirits, and Norton was able to pick him up and bring him to her truck with his tail wagging the whole way through!

After having the pup dewormed and vaccinated, Norton sent the pup to Mississippi’s Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, where he now waits to get healthy enough to be adopted.

To think that if Norton hadn’t passed by, the poor, innocent puppy may have died there, terrified and desperate for safety, is absolutely horrifying. Sadly, this isn’t even close to the worst case of cruel abandonment that Norton has seen throughout her time as an animal control officer.

But this doesn’t make it any less evil. Norton has been working on spreading the word about the poor dog’s story, and she’s hoping that as word spreads, she will be able to find the culprit.

Do you know anything about this puppy and the person who dumped him? Reach out to Norton on her Facebook group for her shelter here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Sharon Norton

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