Stray Dog Adopts Man Who Nurses Her Back To Health

Usually, when we plan on inviting a new furry friend to share our home, we prepare in advance. There is the excitement of preparing and then the excursions to the pet store to seek out the most welcoming bedding and colorful toys that we can.

But sometimes life has other ideas for us, ones we definitely did not plan for. Imagine experiencing the shock of finding a bedraggled woebegone precious pup sitting in your living room when you have not been planning to get a dog at all.

The initial shock followed by disbelief and then inevitably by concern upon noting the condition of the animal. Surely a person must run through a gamut of emotions! This exact experience happened to a pet-lover Jack, who accidentally left his door open and came home to find that the pup was a stray.

As luck would have it, in her desperate state she stumbled into the haven of a loving home. Poor Suzy found her way in after walking her malnourished journey to try find safety. Jack immediately took Suzy to help and treated her infections and poor health.

It was not long before Suzy became a loved and cherished member of the family, and Jack went on to permanently adopt her into his home.

Sometimes the most unexpected occurrences happen in our lives, ones we did not plan for. But the unplanned events can also be the best things that happen to us and somebody else. In this case, the lives of both Jack and Suzy were changed for the better, a reflection of what can be fulfilled in your life when you did not even know you needed it!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: JJFromTheBronx

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