Stray Dog Finds New Home After Meeting Betty White

Stray Dog Finds New Home After Meeting Betty White

Rescuers with Hope For Paws recently helped a stray dog start a new life. Someone called the rescue when they discovered the dog living in an abandoned lot. Immediately, rescuers went out to find him.

The rescuers found the dog at the scene but had difficulty taking him in as he kept running away because he didn't understand that they were there to help him. Eventually, they got him using nets and named him Einstein.


Einstein was scared initially, but soon he accepted the love of his rescuers. They took him to the vet, and it was discovered that his skin was full of foxtails, some of which required surgery to remove.

Foxtails are very dangerous to dogs. In many cases, they attach to a dog's coat and burrow into the skin, causing pain and deadly infection. Sometimes, foxtails can travel far through body cavities, damaging vital organs. Signs dogs may display when they have foxtails on them include pawing at the face, sneezing, limping, and excessive licking of an area.


While Einstein was in recovery, he had a special visitor, Betty White, earning him a feature on television. It took about two months before Einstein recovered and found the perfect forever home. Today, he's a completely new dog living a beautiful life.

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