Stray Pup Completely Relaxes When She Realizes Someone's About To Give Her A Second Chance

Stray Pup Completely Relaxes When She Realizes Someone's About To Give Her A Second Chance

It was a typical Friday night when Jillian spotted two bright eyes staring at her from a spot in her yard when she went to bring the trash outside. She squinted to see an animal-like outline there, and she realized it was likely a stray pup.

Not wanting to scare it away, Jillian tried to move very slowly. The pup started to run, but Jillian slowly spoke to her in a kind voice. Though the dog ended up running off, it did pause to listen to Jillian’s voice for a little while.

The pup came back the following day. Jillian tried to interact with her, but she began to run off again – though not as far away as she had the night before. Jillian began to walk back in, but when she looked over her shoulder, she saw the frightened pup following carefully.

Jillian realized the dog wanted something, but that she was too scared to try to make her message clear. So, Jillian decided to help. She filled a bowl with water and another bowl with some dog food, and she placed it on the edge of her home’s compound. She then walked away to a safe distance away.

The pup went up to eat the food. From then on, the dog followed Jillian, but at a good distance just in case. The next day, the dog was wandering around outside again – so Jillian and her husband decided to lure the pup in. They created a small trail of dog food that went into their yard. When the dog followed the trail, she found that Jillian was laying out even more food for her in a bowl.

Taking a risk, Jillian sat nearer to the food source. Instead of running, the pup came up to eat, then continued to sit next to Jillian, even sniffing at her curiously. When Jillian stood up and moved around, the pup continued to follow her and would sit next to her wherever in the yard she went.

The pup, a pit bull mix, was given the name Luna, and Jillian and her husband decided to keep her. She let herself be pet, and one week later, she was doing well as an indoor pup already! She’s proven herself to be smart and has learned, quickly, how to respond to commands.

Luna will need some more time before she’s fully warmed up, especially about loud noises, but she’s doing so well so far. Jillian and her husband are thrilled to have her in their family.

Images & Feature Image Source: Jillian

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