Sushi The Chubby Pug Gets A Rude Awakening

Sushi The Chubby Pug Gets A Rude Awakening

Meet Sushi, the pug that is the subject of this intervention. She has been living in a world of denial regarding her weight. Now, she is faced with reality.

Sushi was at home with her parents who needed to focus their attention elsewhere. They put her in the laundry room for a few minutes so they could work out the issue.

Now, this laundry room had a pet door that was installed by the previous owner. It was made for cats, but for some reason, Sushi thought she could get through it. Her mom, Rachel, heard scratching coming from the room and decided to investigate. It seems Sushi did not appreciate being left out of the action and wanted to get back to them.

When she got there, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Sushi had underestimated how chubby she really was, and this was one epic fail. There was no way she was getting through that cat-sized door. Rachel and her husband were very amused. Sushi seems to think she is smaller than she really is.


Since y’all love Sushi as much as me here is a clip from the original video! 😂 #pug #puglife #fyp #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Rachel Wright

Her husband let her out, and thankfully Sushi wasn’t injured physically. Her pride however took a hit. Afterwards, she went on patrolling like usual to see what they were up to. She was still determined there was to be no fun unless she was front and center. Hopefully, Sushi learned a valuable lesson that day and decides to lay off the kibble. It wouldn’t hurt to exercise more, instead of getting herself stuck in places she shouldn’t be in the first place!

Image Source: Rachel Wright

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