This Is So Sweet! Labrador Guards His Kitten Friend!

This Is So Sweet! Labrador Guards His Kitten Friend!

Labs are some of the best dogs you can find! They are the #1 breed in America for good reason! They are loyal, devoted, and absolutely love their family – both human and furry.

This black lab has taken it upon himself to adopt a kitten and he’s going to make sure this kitten stays safe! The duo start all snuggled up and as time goes on, you can see the lab isn’t going to let anyone near the kitten until it’s on the kitten’s terms! Nobody messes with a lab’s family (or adopted babies).

This devoted lab just knows he needs to keep this kitten safe and warm. While guarding should be treated with caution and addressed, there is no denying this lab’s love for his little kitten friend.

Dogs and cats are enemies, but only on cartoons. In real life however, we’ve seen so many cases when they get along so well and life a happy life together! These two will melt your heart!

Watch The Video Here: Labrador Guards His Kitten Friend!

Watch the video below to see the Lab guarding his kitten friend!

Feature Image Source: mariy

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