Talking Dog Bunny Takes The Internet By Surprise!

Talking Dog Bunny Takes The Internet By Surprise!

Bunny is famous on TikTok for having an existential crisis on camera. The Sheepadoodled looked into the mirror and asked “Who this” using her augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) button and captured the attention of thousands.

In her more recent video, her mom, Alexis Devine posted a video of Bunny pressing her buttons to ask “Dog what is dog?” Devine, along with her 6.5 million followers were surprised, at this, and her mom decided she was going to add words such as ‘animal’, ‘same’, and ‘different’ to her buttons.

Bunny is part of a project called “They Can Talk” along with 2600 other dogs and 300 cats that aims to determine if animals can communicate with humans through AACs. Her buttons were originally intended for humans with speech disorders and were later adapted for use in experiments with animals.

In the study, the animals started with words such as ‘outside’ and ‘play’, after which their parents were instructed to set up cameras to monitor them when they aren’t around. The footage is then sent off to the lab and analyzed.

Bunny’s footage seemingly displays self-awareness, though previous studies had determined dogs were unable to recognize themselves in mirrors. Another cool tithing is that dogs can recognize their own scent. Other researchers have tested this theory using a behavioral test that requires dogs to pick up objects as a display of body awareness.

While there are still a lot of questions to be asked and theories yet to be proven, scientists are convinced that dogs are capable of more than we know.

Image Credit: Instagram

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