How To Teach A Dog To Use A Ramp

How To Teach A Dog To Use A Ramp

Human-sized sofas, beds, and cars might be easy for us to use, but for a pup, it might be a little difficult to get on and off of them!

Littler dogs may have a height disadvantage that stops them from getting onto these things, and older dogs who have hip or joint problems might find the process painful.

That’s why purchasing a pet ramp to make the progression from one surface to the next can be very helpful! But not all pups take to ramps or steps that easily, so they may refuse to use them altogether, especially at first. With that being said, you can train your pup to use a ramp with a little patience and lots of treats. Here’s how!

Start by laying the ramp completely flat on the ground, and bring your pup to it. Have lots of treats on hand, and reward your pup for any small effort they make with the ramp, like standing on it or walking on it. Work for a short period of time and have repeat training sessions regularly until your dog is very used to and comfortable with the ramp. Then, adjust the incline and increase it to the next level, and repeat the whole process again.

Remember, rewards and patience are key! Don’t rush your pup into using the ramp, and start over as many times as necessary. Keep your tone light and happy, and offer praise alongside the treats. Before long, your dog will be using the ramp like they’ve been doing it all their lives!

If you’re looking for a good ramp for your pup to use, look no further than this list right here! It has ramps of all kinds and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to like and share!

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