Teenager Was Walking Back Home When He Saw A Car. What He Saw Inside? OMG.

Teenager Was Walking Back Home When He Saw A Car. What He Saw Inside? OMG.

It’s getting hotter as we move into the summer months, and it’s important to keep yourself and your pups cool. For some reason, though, there are repeat offenders every single year who forget that fur balls can’t stand the heat any more than humans can.

Leaving your pups inside a locked car with the windows rolled up and the AC off is not the way to go! It’s dangerous and upsetting for your pups! This lesson might have been learned the hard way for the mommy or daddy of this pup in Prestwich, England, had it not been for the kind soul of a thirteen-year-old boy. The boy noticed the fur ball stuck inside the car with the windows completely shut and rushed to try and help the poor pup out.

The pup was so excited to be saved from the heat that once there was a chance, he jumped straight out of the driver’s side window. But there was one problem – the fur ball was wearing a leash, and in his hurried movements, he got the leash stuck and nearly hung himself! Luckily the boy worked quickly and was able to detangle the poor pup from his leash. The poor thing! He didn’t deserve that at all!

We should all be thankful for this boy’s kindness and compassion towards the pup. If he hadn’t walked by, who knows what might have happened? Please, please keep your pups in well-ventilated areas only this summer! Share this around as well to save a life.

Feature Image Source: Prestwich People

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