Terrified Dog Covered In Tumors And Matts Gets A Second Chance To Love!

Terrified Dog Covered In Tumors And Matts Gets A Second Chance To Love!

Many stray dogs never find their forever homes. If those dogs are seniors, those chances drop drastically. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to rescue a dog when they only had a couple of years left to live. That seemed could have been the case for an older pup from Texas.

Pamela (who used to be named Knotty) was found on the streets, sporting a knotted and matted mess of a mane. Besides that issue, she had a large mammary tumor on her abdomen. The rescuers from the shelter took her to Dr. Wendy, a doctor working at Vet Ranch for an investigation. She was going to need surgery to remove the tumor. After many tests, the doctor concluded that she had no other health concerns, rather than needing a haircut.

The surgery went smoothly. While Pamela was sedated, she was also given that haircut. After the important things had been taken care of, she got some vaccine shots.

Then, she got her flea treatments and everything else she might have needed. When everything was said and done, she looked like a brand-new pup. Everything seemed to be fine until the blood tests came back. They confirmed that the tumor was cancerous.

Even so, Dr. Wendy was confident that with careful monitoring and treatment, Pamela could live a few more years. And she was right, seeing that cancer hadn’t spread to other parts of Pamela’s body. The shelter that rescued Pamela put her up for adoption, and they soon found someone to take her in.

Now she can enjoy her last years surrounded by love and care.

Image Source: YouTube

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