Terrified Dog Rescued From Garbage Pile Gets A Second Chance To Life!

Terrified Dog Rescued From Garbage Pile Gets A Second Chance To Life!

When rescuers with The Mutt Scouts first stumbled upon Sophie in Tijuana, Mexico, they were horrified. Dumped alone in a garbage pile with nothing but a torn up blanket to her name, the pup had bloodied ears, ticks and fleas, scars all over her body, filed down teeth that left her defenseless, and a sagging stomach due to years of forceful breeding.

It was clear that Sophie had been used for breeding purposes and also as bait for fighting dogs. She had been used and attacked for her entire life, and was terrified as rescuers rushed her to an animal hospital. At five years old, it was possible that Sophie had never known love or kindness.

The pup slowly healed with careful treatment, and could eventually make the trip to California so she could continue getting the medical care she needed. Slowly, the pup began to open up, and light returned to her eyes. Despite never having a loving home, she revealed herself to be a friendly sweetheart who loved cuddling and meeting people.

However, Sophie’s past meant she was constantly terrified of other dogs, and she seemed confused as to why none attacked her here. So she began working with a behavioral trainer for pups to help give her back some confidence and lessen her fear. While there is a chance that other pups will always make her a little nervous, training has been going wonderfully so far.

The rescue organization hopes that within a month, Sophie will have jumped enough hurdles to be ready for adoption and begin a brand new life. Her gratefulness has really shone through and there’s nothing the rescue wants more than for her to be happy forever!

Images & Feature Image Source: The Mutt Scouts

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