Terrified Dog Rescued From Slaughterhouse Makes Incredible Transformation

Terrified Dog Rescued From Slaughterhouse Makes Incredible Transformation

The issue of slaughterhouses is something that’s still a threat for animals all around the world. And Millie’s case is unfortunately way too similar to hundreds of other cases around the world.

In reality, Millie is actually one of the more fortunate ones, because she was rescued. But most dogs who end up in slaughterhouses don’t make it out.

Humane Society International is one of the organizations that are devoted to helping dogs in extreme cases. And recently they did a rescue mission and they managed to save all the dogs from a slaughterhouse in South Korea. And, they managed to shut the farm’s activity down.

The shelters in South Korea are already overrun, so Millie was flown to one of HSI’s temporary shelters in the US. There, she caught the attention of a volunteer at the shelter, Dave Harless. He was touched by the fact that she had a heart murmur and knew he had to help her.

If he didn’t, he knew her chances of survival were slim, as the shelter didn’t have enough resources to care for her in the best way. So, he offered to foster her, but she fell in love with her and adopted her permanently.

Millie is now happy and healthy. She has come a very long way from the mistreated, malnourished dog who was rescued from South Korea. But, the issue of slaughterhouses is still very real.

Shutting them down is an ongoing battle that advocates for animal rights have to struggle with every day.

Image Credit: YouTube

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