Terrified Dogs Trapped By Lava Get Rescued Just In Time

Terrified Dogs Trapped By Lava Get Rescued Just In Time

When Carol Hosley jerked awake and out of bed at 2 in the morning due to frantic banging on her door, she didn’t know she’d come so close to losing everything in the Kilauea volcano eruption.

Emergency workers and firefighters were responsible for her sudden rousing, and they were alerting residents that the earth surrounding Hosley’s apartment in Leilani Estates, Puna, Hawaii had begun to crack, sending black lava flying out and filling the air with sulfur dioxide gas. She had to evacuate at once.

Hosley rushed to pack important belongings, and as she did so, her two rescue pups, named Little Dude and Brus, were frightened out of their minds. Brus, who had spent two years in foster care and found it difficult to find a forever home due to his nervousness, which was even more heightened around men, had panicked at the sight of the strange men entering his home.

Frantic, Brus ran out and escaped through the open front door. Little Dude, being a close companion to his brother Brus, rushed to follow him. When it came time for Hosley to evacuate, the septuagenarian couldn’t locate her precious pooches, and the firemen simply could not wait any longer.

It wasn’t long before the president of the Aloha Ilio Rescue, which was the shelter Brus had stayed with all those years, Daylynn Kyles, found out about Brus and Little Dude’s missing status. She knew how hard it had been for Brus to find a home and she was determined to locate him and send him back home.

She and several volunteers – all women, because of how terrified Brus is of men – spent time switching shifts to search around the empty neighborhood, in spite of the potential dangers, as lava blocked off roads and they skipped over new cracks slowly forming around them. They left out food and a crate, tracked footprints of around his size, and wrote posts on Facebook asking for help. 10 days later, the pups still hadn’t turned up, and Hosley and many others were resigned to believe they were dead. But Kyles refused to give up.

It was a Sunday when they finally saw them – trapped between a flow of lava cooling rapidly and a fence, covered in red ant bites. Immediately, the volunteers rushed to hack a path through some thick wooded growth around them, and finally, the pups were rescued.

Hosley was beyond thrilled to know that her little ones were safe. They remain at Aloha Ilio Rescue while she searches for new accommodation, but knowing these two crucial parts of her life are safe has given her a brand new hope.

Images & Feature Image Source: Aloha Ilio Rescue

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